Common hardware prices. (please note close estimate prices, call with your system make/model for actual price quote).

4GB RAM... 15

1TB internal HDD... 35, 1TB external HDD USB ...55

4 X USB PORTs CARD... 10

2GB VGA card... 40 or 2GB gaming VGA card... 75

DVDRW drive...20

400W standard PSU ...25

Case fan...5

Internal card reader SD/MMC...15

Intel i7-4770K..240, AMD FX4300 Q-core..80

Processor heatsink & fan....up-to-15

Replacement laptop screen inc. Macbook ...35

Replacement tablet screen ...40

Iphone 6s replacement screen 110new, refurb 65

Macbook pro 13.3 glass..13

Prices for OEM hardware varie between make and model such as Dell, HP, Asus, Samsung etc. In such cases price is determined upon inspection.

         Eg. Dell PSU 70

         Conventional PSU 25

         HP PSU 65

This applies to other hardware such as

         graphics cards


         replacement Plasma/LCD screens

         new system mainboards

Please be aware that prices for these items are approximate.